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in the Madness

It was just that kind of day, when I just want to have a shout and scream as loud as I can.

with a challenge full time work (lack of clarity)

with 3 kids running around that popping in the conference call every 5 mins

with a husband that is completely invisible

with a toll down kitchen renovation that's yet to be put together

with clock ticking as we are in the deadline of moving to Switzerland

with small things like sewing up Marco's teddy bear, telling Natalia what it means to do something useful instead of just sitting on the coach

with all the madness of how things are running on the projects.

I scream inside of my mind

I scream as long as i can.

Until I opened my website. I saw my 3 little monkey's photo. I saw what I wrote a year ago when I was inspired by life. I saw love. I felt love.

Love heals.

xoxo. Take Care out there, to every working mum. No one said it was going to be easy, but it is worthwhile. and you can do it!

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